Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Home made GoPro motorcycle mount

I'm pretty excited about this. After a week or so of trying ideas out, I've come up with a pretty solid mount for the GoPro. A 3/4 dowel goes into the axle hole with some PVC pipe mounted to that. It can be rotated to film either frontwards or backwards. I've made dowels that fit both my Honda Interceptor VFR800 and my friend's Harley Davidson Heritage Softail. I'm renting a Heritage Softail for the big bike trip so it should work just right.

Saturday, June 7, 2014

On Mesa's Edge

On Mesa's Edge

On mesa's edge, above Thoreau
I sat a while and thought of you
amongst the scattered piƱon trees
in lightly blowing western breeze.

I sat a while and thought of you
no words to say, not much to do
Me sitting here, you laying there
I hoped you knew how much we care.

I looked around and saw rocks there
flat and long and grey and bare
and stacked them in a little pile
dark patches growing all the while

On limestone slab, I carved your name
in letters deep and hard and plain
A hundred years, maybe three (or two?)
on mesa's edge to speak of you.

So we pass on while rocks remain,
We feel joy and loss and pain,
while rocks remain to show we cared
all stacked together, piled there

I wonder if you come to sit
on mesa's edge, out near the lip
bathed in warm glow of setting sun
this life complete, the next begun

The eagles nest below you there
borne, like thoughts, by drafts of air
Do you, like eagle, soar above
look down on us and sense our love?

A year has passed, a year you're gone
it feels like maybe twice that long
We stayed behind, on earth, below
while you soared on in sunset's glow.

You started early on that trip
You let go while we still grip
I wonder if you wait on ledge
of mesa's top, out near the edge.

Thursday, June 5, 2014

Young tender things

I've noticed a trend lately on the Etsy. People are very concerned with stating that the wood they use to make items has either been 'recycled' or came from a sustainable source, or from a tree that was damaged and being removed, or..... a statement like this:
(No trees were harmed in the making of our gifts; Olive trees are "Trimmed" on a regular basis for easier harvesting and to avoid wind damage.)

I'd like to start saying that everything I make is made from a tender young tree I deliberately chopped down to make the product. The tree screamed in pain the whole time it was being cut up and continued crying as I turned it on the lathe. If the customer listens very closely, they may still hear sniffling coming from the interior of a bowl.

I probably shouldn't do that.... but I'd like to.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Woodpecker on ladder

This thing is going crazy, 7400 views since Saturday! Apparently I'm huge in Japan.....
Views from 58 countries so far and a request to use on a FOX TV show.

Friday, May 23, 2014

Added a link

There should be a new link to my Pinterest page that links to my Etsy page for crap I'm selling somewhere over there --------->

Monday, May 19, 2014

I know where I was July 17, 1990

Thanks to the availability of information on the internets, I know I was at Fenway Park on July 17, 1990.
From Wikipedia:
"Playing against the Boston Red Sox on July 17, 1990, the Minnesota Twins became the first (and to date the only) team in baseball history to turn two triple plays in the same game. Both triple plays were 5-4-3 plays (Gary Gaetti - Al Newman - Kent Hrbek). Jody Reed was the first out in the fourth inning play and the final out (batting) in the eighth inning play. Despite their defensive heroics, the Twins lost the game 1–0."

Friday, May 16, 2014

Why aren't people honest?

Aggravating day. I have been looking into renting a bike for this 800 mi. trip we have coming up in June. Called a dealership and asked about their rentals. Guy gets my info, starts the reservation process and then tells me the bike I'm interested in is booked for that time period and all he has is another model that is a lot bigger and more to rent. I get hit with a moment of panic and tell him to reserve it for me.
Later that day I'm looking into the model he does have and realize it is HUGE, like 900lbs without riders. I call another rental place and find out they have exactly what I want and if I join the AMA (motorcycle organization) I can save 15% on the rental which ends up being a significant amount of money.
Today, I join the AMA, called and emailed the first guy and said to cancel the reservation and if the bike I originally wanted becomes available through a cancellation to let me know. An hour later he emails me back and says he's changed my reservation and got me back on the first bike I asked for......???
Cost me $50 to join the American Motorcycle Association for a year, but even still I'm saving $100 so I guess I shouldn't complain.
Seems fishy he didn't have the bike I wanted until I told him to cancel and I was going elsewhere.

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

$$ (or lack thereof)

Sometimes I go back and look at my pins on Pinterest and just think to myself,  "You gotta start playing the lottery".

I think this will be good

Well, I've pretty much decided that this is what I'm renting. I thought about the Road King but it's about $50 a day more and it's the same size engine and performance so I guess I'll save some money. 2014 Harley Davidson Heritage Softail:

Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Do you ever look forward to something to the point that it can't possibly be as good as you anticipate? I think I feel that way right now. It will be good, but can it be THAT good? I guess in 43 days we'll see....

Friday, February 21, 2014