Thursday, October 8, 2015

Win a fabulous prize!
This is a sorta rough/rustic bowl I turned from some Aspen firewood lately. I decided to hold a contest and the winner takes it home (I'll ship it to you).
To enter, you will need to have a profile on Sporcle (free and they don't spam you). You can join here:…
Once you've done that, "follow" me (search for users, I'm markblakemore14) let me know your profile name. I'll send you a link to the questions. There are 10 questions that may or may not have anything to do with me and you will have 4 minutes to answer (it's going to be kinda hard to Google them all in that amount of time). You can skip a question by hitting 'Next' and end the quiz by hitting 'End' under the countdown timer. Most correct answers wins it, fastest time in the event of a tie. Contest closes at 2pm Mountain Time on Friday, October 9 (tomorrow).

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